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Natalie Lehman, business and leadership coach
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elevate your leadership journey with our tailored coaching packages

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for the unstoppable leader ready to forge their path

Are you a corporate dynamo or a non-profit leader aiming to enhance your organizational expertise? This 6-month coaching program is tailored for individuals like you, focused on discovering your unique leadership style and mastering effective leadership techniques. It's designed for those who are keen to refine their strategic planning abilities, foster high-performing teams, and boost productivity and efficiency in their roles. This package is an ideal fit for ambitious professionals ready to elevate their career to new heights while achieving work-life balance.

Who this is for:
  • Corporate Executives and Business Leaders striving to refine their leadership edge and organizational strategy

  • Executive Directors and Non-Profit Leaders seeking to innovate and excel in leadership roles

  • Ambitious professionals eager to master the art of leading effectively, including strategic planning and team building

  • Visionary leaders aiming to boost productivity and efficiency in their professional sphere.

  • Ambitious women committed to uncovering their unique leadership style and leveraging it for maximum impact

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  • DEVELOP YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS | Transform into an influential and results-driven leader, leaving no doubt about your ability to steer your organization toward success.

  • BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE | Gain unwavering self-assurance that radiates through your leadership style, fostering trust and respect among your team.

  • FOSTER A THRIVING TEAM |  Cultivate a vibrant team culture that is not only engaged but also inspired to achieve greatness, setting new standards for excellence.

  • 1:1 COACHING CALLS TWICE A MONTH (60 to 90 minutes):  A space where we craft your expansive vision, bring clarity to your goals, boost your confidence, and guide you to embrace your full potential.


    • Comprehensive leadership and personality assessments 

    • Strategic Visioning

    • Defining Your Core Values

    • Personalized Action Plan

    • Plus, a set of tailored tools focused on refining your leadership approach and nurturing team dynamics.


Embark on a transformative journey that elevates you to a powerhouse of clarity, confidence, and purpose. Break through barriers and step into a role where your professional ambition and personal life flourish in harmony.


your gateway to organizational excellence

This accelerated 6-month program is ideal if you're ready to not only elevate your leadership skills but also comprehensively strategize for organizational success and innovation. Going beyond the Leadership Essentials package, this intensive program includes a transformative 6-week mindset course, the creation of a strategic plan with clear priorities and a roadmap, and strategic planning sessions with key stakeholders. We'll also conduct a deep dive into your organization, examining its structure and exploring funding opportunities. This isn't just a service; it's a collaborative partnership aimed at building a resilient and thriving organization with you at the wheel.

Who this is for:
  • High-level Executives and Directors intent on mastering complex organizational strategies and leadership nuances

  • Senior leaders in need of an in-depth, bespoke mindset program to revolutionize their leadership approach

  • Decision-makers seeking to craft and execute a comprehensive, multi-faceted strategic plan involving extensive stakeholder engagement

  • Leaders committed to a rigorous evaluation and enhancement of organizational structures and funding strategies for optimal performance

  • Visionaries looking to significantly upscale their impact and efficiency through advanced strategic planning and organizational analysis

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  • TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT | Embark on a journey to become the driving force behind a flourishing, cutting-edge, and robust organization. Elevate your leadership to a level where you're not just participating, but setting new standards of excellence

  • STRATEGIC GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY | Witness a significant increase in your organization's profitability and market presence

  • COMPREHENSIVE ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY | Engage in a deep-dive analysis and strategic planning, crafting a roadmap for your organization's future. This includes detailed evaluations of structure, funding opportunities, and stakeholder engagement

  • AMPLIFIED TEAM | Develop a dynamic team environment where synergy, innovation, and customer focus are paramount. Position yourself and your team as pioneers in your field, leveraging the power of collective intelligence and strategic collaboration

  • MINDSET AND DECISION-MAKING MASTERY | Gain insights and tools from our intensive 6-week mindset program, designed to refine your decision-making skills and leadership perspective, ensuring you lead with clarity and vision

  • ACTIONABLE STRATEGIC PLANNING | Participate in strategic planning meetings with key stakeholders, setting clear priorities and actionable steps to drive your organization forward, ensuring alignment and focused progress towards shared goals

  • All the offerings of the LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS PACKAGE, plus:

  • Enrollment in the 6-week MINDSET ESSENTIALS PROGRAM (over a $1,500 value)

  • ENHANCED AND DYNAMIC ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Dive into a comprehensive process where we collaboratively craft a detailed organizational strategic plan. This plan will encompass all critical aspects of your business, including onboarding and hiring strategies, new strategic initiatives, and effective implementation tactics, with a focus on:

    • Vision Creation - Dream Big and Broaden Horizons!

    • Mission Development - Uncover Your Organization’s Unique Strengths

    • Strategic Objectives & Priorities - Your Roadmap to Achieving Ambitious Goals

    • Communication Enhancement - Fostering a Cohesive Team Environment

    • Strategic Planning Sessions - Engaging Stakeholders for Aligned Progress

    • Decision-Making Frameworks - Elevate Leadership Decisions with a Structured Approach

    • All these elements are meticulously designed and tailored to propel your organization to unprecedented success.


Step into a leadership role where you are the linchpin of a thriving, innovative, and resilient organization. Experience a revolution in profitability and team synergy, cultivating a venture that stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation.

Alix Camp, Owner of  Earth to Alix

I've worked with other business coaches and no one compares to Natalie. I was honestly on the brink of giving up on my dream career when I booked my first coaching session with her. I was overworked, disorganized and frustrated. In our first session she got me back on track. She made my future projected "ideal life" possible again with an actual timeline and business model. She's SO ORGANIZED and sends me her notes in session to session! She has a wealth of tools and knowledge and so much empathy. She's able to hold space for my dreams and translate my creative yearnings into very real concrete goals and steps to get there. In every session she returns to my original goals to make sure the new seeds I'm planting and spending time on are leading me there. She holds me accountable without being pushy or domineering at all - I'm pretty sensitive so that's huge for me. There are very few people who have the ability to both hold space for your emotions AND push and challenge you - Natalie is the perfect balance. She's a treasure. I've already accomplished so much in the 2 months we've been working together, one of which was finally launching a project I've wanted to put out for 3 YEARS. I could go on and on - if you're thinking of working with a coach you absolutely would benefit from booking a session with Natalie.

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Step into a community where women lead with conviction, authenticity, and a vibrant spirit of camaraderie. Let's build this empowering journey, together!

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