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Reignite Your Purpose

Empowering women to build highly impactful organizations, seize opportunities, and tackle challenges with confidence, clarity, and purpose.

Hi, I'm Natalie Lehman

I help women leaders reconnect with their core purpose and thrive in their leadership roles. When you get so focused on the day-to-day tasks that you lose touch with why you started your journey, I guide you back to realignment and help you become better than ever.

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How I Help



Leadership Coaching

Become a powerhouse in your business or organization with our unique coaching and consulting program. Transform yourself and your organization by stepping into your strengths and leading with your core vision and values.


Business Consulting

Ranging from business model development, strategic planning, or change management, our services support your goals and free up your time. Enhance your effectiveness, boost your confidence, and lead to thrive with our tailored consulting solutions.



Our Accelerators are dynamic group programs crafted for female CEOs, executive directors, and leaders to fast-track growth, amplify impact, and thrive. Confidently lead and guide your team toward shared objectives alongside driven, and like-minded women.

I've worked with other business coaches, but no one compares to Natalie. When I first booked a session, I was on the brink of giving up on my dream career, feeling overworked and frustrated. In just one session, she got me back on track with a clear timeline and business model for my ideal life. She's incredibly organized, providing session notes and a wealth of tools and knowledge. Natalie balances empathy with accountability, translating my creative ideas into concrete goals. In just two months, I've already launched a project I'd been dreaming of for three years. If you're considering a coach, you would greatly benefit from working with Natalie."

Alix Camp, Owner of  Earth to Alix



The ultimate leadership toolkit to help you create a confident workplace and strengthen your communication. Uncover your vision, define your values, and set those pivotal goals that will propel you to success.


Leadership Coaching Designed For


CEOs and Entrepreneurs 

Designed for CEOs and executives who want to reconnect with their core mission, enhance their leadership skills, and guide their teams toward shared goals. By providing strategic insights and tailored coaching, I empower leaders to maximize their impact, boost their confidence, and drive their organizations forward with renewed focus and effectiveness


By offering personalized coaching and strategic guidance, I equip women in manager or director levels roles develop the skills and confidence needed to excel in their current roles and demonstrate their readiness for higher responsibilities. Together, we create a clear career advancement plan, enhance your leadership abilities, and ensure you consistently deliver outstanding results that get noticed.

Directors Moving to C-Level



Through personalized coaching, I provide practical insights into business development, client acquisition, and effective consulting practices. Together, we build a robust foundation for their new ventures, equipping them with the confidence and skills needed to thrive in the competitive consulting industry.


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