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GROW: Leadership Mastery 

Expand Your Influence

Program Structure

  • Duration: 6 Months

  • Format: Online with Interactive Sessions

  • Sessions: 3 Touch-Points per Month

    • Leadership Workshops: 60 minutes

    • Group Strategy Sessions: 60 minutes

    • 1:1 Coaching Sessions: 60 minutes

  • Strategic Planning & Vision Mapping: 90 minutes

  • Monthly Follow-Up: 60 minutes

The GROW Mastery Program is designed for women leaders ready to expand their influence. This comprehensive program enhances leadership skills, develops strategic direction, and cultivates a thriving team environment.

Mountain Path

Greatness Unlocked: Unleash your potential to reach the pinnacle of leadership and set a new standard of excellence.

Resilience Built: Develop the resilience to overcome challenges and adapt to change, ensuring sustainable success.

Outstanding Influence: Expand your influence to lead with authority and inspire your team.

Winning Strategy: Craft and implement winning strategies that align with your vision and drive your organization .

Is GROW for You?

You want to advance your leadership role and increase your influence.

You aim to enhance your team's effectiveness and create a high-performing environment.

You need a strategic plan to align your department or organization with its goals.

You are committed to leveraging your strengths for growth.

Strengthen Your Influence

Build and expand your leadership presence.




Align your actions with your organization's goals.



Create a collaborative & high-performing team.



Commit to ongoing development.

Tree on Cliff

Join Us

Enroll in the GROW Mastery Program and take the next step in your leadership journey. Expand your influence, enhance your skills, and lead your team to success.

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