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THRIVE: Leadership Accelerator

Master Your Leadership Excellence

The THRIVE Accelerator is the pinnacle of our leadership programs, tailored for women CEOs, executive directors, and top leaders. This dynamic course is designed to accelerate your growth, amplify your impact, and position you as a standout leader in your field. Through a blend of group sessions, individual coaching, and strategic planning, you will harness your strengths, lead with purpose, and inspire your team to achieve shared goals.

Program Structure

  • Duration: 8 Months

  • Format: Online with In-Person Options

  • Sessions: 3 Touch-Points per Month

    • Lunch & Learn: 60 minutes

    • Mastermind Group Session: 60 minutes

    • 1:1 Executive Coaching Session

  • Goals Identification & StrengthsFinder Deep Dive: 90 minutes

  • Monthly 1:1 Follow-Up: 60 minutes


Is THRIVE for You?

You are committed to becoming the most effective leader possible.

You are ready to lead with an authentic and impactful leadership style.

You are aspiring to move into a higher leadership role within your organization.

You are aiming to build and lead a cohesive, high-performing team.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Transform Your Leadership: Elevate your impact and grow into your most authentic self.

Harness Your Strengths: Discover and leverage your unique strengths for maximum impact and efficiency.

Realize Your Vision: Align your actions with your core vision and values to ensure consistent progress.
Inspire with Purpose: Lead with a clear purpose and inspire others to follow your vision and goals.

Value Collaboration: Build and lead high-performing, cohesive teams that thrive on collaboration.

Empower Growth: Foster personal and organizational growth for lasting success and continuous improvement.

Quarterly Themes & Monthly Topics:

Afternoon Light

Join Us

Enroll in the THRIVE Leadership Accelerator today and embark on a journey to elevate your leadership to new heights. Benefit from individualized coaching sessions, inspire your team, and lead with unparalleled confidence and clarity.

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