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Hey There

I'm Natalie Lehman, a business and leadership coach & consultant dedicated to integrating deep strategy with holistic coaching practices. With a Master's in Organizational Leadership and Learning from Pepperdine University, I've built a career as an entrepreneur, high-impact organizational consultant, and empowering coach. My approach blends transformative leadership with strategic business development.

Why I Love Helping Women Leaders Reach Their Full Potential

My journey has been marked by transformative highs and lows, providing invaluable learnings that I now share with my clients. I started with high-impact consulting, leading organizations to social and systems change. However, my true purpose revealed itself through personal experiences of burnout and self-discovery. This journey led me to focus my expertise on empowering women leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents to lead with confidence, build strong teams, and create significant impacts within their businesses and communities.

My Roadmap to Growth

vision & exploration
reflection & sustainability
implementation & growth
innovation & expansion

My mission is laser-focused: to support women in cultivating flourishing businesses, enhanced confidence, and profound clarity, all while embedding purpose deeply into their leadership. This approach goes beyond traditional coaching, fostering a shared journey toward authentic and impactful leadership.

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